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 How to make a reservation
​And Caution

" One to One Mitsugetsu "

is the Men's Relaxation Massage Salon by
Japanese Transgender woman therapist


Strictly by same-day appointment only 

We normally take reservations only by phone.

Call us before

*A) 20min  

    Kadena, Camp Foster, Lester area

*B) 40min

    Futenma , Courtney, Camp Kinser ,Hansen area

*C) 60min 

     Schwab, Naha area

your coming to my place.

(because some client tend to make cancellation if they made early reservations)

To avoid cancellations of reservations, we have implemented the above way. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

​★ When you will be late for your appointment, please make sure to call 098-989-9504 

If there is not a call, your appointment is canceled.

As following conditions, we may reject your appointment or refuse to visit our salon.

We would be very appreciated for your understanding in advance.

・Last minute cancellation
・Being-lated without previous notice
・Forcing any service
・Not understanding for transgender
・Others, we find inappropriate for our salon.

We would regard a relationship of mutual trust as important for each other

Keep in mind The road is crowded especially in the evening

If you cancel your reservation you will be charged a $ 50 cancellation fee
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Reservation only



Non- notification calls disabled

Please enter the country code before the phone number if you don't have Japanese phone.

※While with our customers, we may not be able to answer your call.

Please wait a while ,Then call us back.

Thank you for your patience.



2-14 Miyagi, Chatan-cho, Nakagami District, Okinawa, JAPAN  (along the Seawall)

※For your convenient,Please check the map to see where  Our salon is located.

Open Hours  



  No,credit card

By car

Kadena Gate 1 about 5min by car.
Camp Foster about 15min by car.

Camp Kinser about 30 min by car
Camp Hansen about 40min by car.

Camp Schwab about 1hours by car.


50 minutes from Naha Airport
10 minutes from Chatan American Village


15 minutes from Okinawa south IC

Okinawa Expressway

There are free parallel  parking space in front of our salon.( Along the Seawall)

The parking lot may be crowded, please find the park space.

please do not park down stairs it's for Resident 


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