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Ultimate Bodywork for men

to Okinawa,Japan

It can be used with peace of mind by travelers from overseas


In Chatan,Okinawa, fix your heart and the healthThe finest Oil body treatmentOnly Available for male.

Have you ever experienced Japanese hospitality? 
Japan has a good reputation for warm hospitality.


Have you ever taken Oil massage  that makes you feel good before?


is the Men's Relaxation Massage Salon by
Japanese Transgender woman therapist

Therapist is licenced from Bali,Indonesia.
I serve you our original (Oriental and  Western)style of
massage which gives you the most comfortable healing and

Hearing, Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste.
Come into My relaxation salon and enjoy a soothing massage.

My relaxation salon is one to one system.
Please feel free to make an appointment with me like coming over to your friends house and get rid of your stress.

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Massage for men

Men's Relaxation Salon by​   Transgender woman therapist

Services Menu

Oil HealingBody Treatment 

Healing massage by Transgender professional at Okinawa.


Men's Body Treatment

Balinese traditional massage

Regular course

50 minutes   ¥8000
70 minutes  ¥11000

Cash only (Dollar or Yen)

Based on Balinese traditional


Sleep disorder, sore muscles, health maintenance, refreshment, Detox,slimming, headache, eyestrain,stiff shoulders.


Premium Oil massage Course

50 minutes  ¥10000
70 minutes  ¥13000


Cash only (Dollar or Yen)

Based on Balinese traditional  

This course will get back your sexual stamina and energy also improve your body and mind balance.

We will help to eliminate the toxins from your body.

Slow and strength pressure with hands and fingers along with lymph,it relief from the stress and gives the detox effect.
our massage guides you a good health and gives you the refreshness.



​Best  Japanese  hospitality

60min ¥13000
80min   ¥16000

included Foot bath

Cash only (Dollar or Yen)

An ultimate course that satisfies both body and mind. Prone and Supine position (including décolleté, groin area, and stretching, among others). Using hands-on techniques, we work on your body and mind.

Lymphatic massage with massage oil. Appealing to the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. The utmost relaxation that tickles all your senses. Based on Balinese massage, it specializes in providing the ultimate relaxation for men, ensuring mental and physical stability. 

Together we will find all sorts of ways to benefit your mind and body. 

We offer you special skills treatment that you have never experienced before.

※We have fragrance-free bodysoap and oil.

Personalized options 

As low as 2000Yen 

We will propose this option after conducting a consultation upon your visit.

Okinawa Men's Relaxation salon by Japanese Transgender woman therapist

Our salon is located at near Kadena Gete 1 of Okinawa.
We provide a beautiful sunset and ocean view that makes your massage experience complete and forget your daily life.
A massage treatment room features traditional Balinese decor and a balcony with a sea view. Guests can enjoy the massage treatment while being soothed by sounds of the ocean and healing music in a peaceful environment. I would like to help to produce your relaxing private time.

Okinawa メンズリラクゼーション

Contact Us


2-14 Miyagi, Chatan-cho, Nakagami District, Okinawa, JAPAN  (along the Seawall)

※For your convenience, please check the map to see where our salon is located.


※While with our customers,we may not be able to answer your call.

Please wait a while ,Then call us back.

Thank you for your patience.

●Reservation only

Non- notification calls disabled

We normally take reservations only by phone.

Call us 30min to an hour before your coming to my place.

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun

12:00pm – 19:00 pm


 No,credit card

 Cash only (Dollar or Yen)



You take Route58 bounce North.

When you pass"Chatan town" Area ,

you will see the intersection"Sunabe minami".


You can see" Familymart"(Gate 1) .

Then turn left ,follow the street of seaside.


when you head on to the deadend, turn right and go for

5 blocs,there are parking space on the street.




Okinawa Men's Relaxation salon by Japanese Transgender woman therapist


When you will be late for your appointment,

please call us in 10 minutes from your appointment.
If there is not a call, your appointment is canceled.


As following conditions, we may reject your appointment or refuse to visit our salon.

We would be very appreciated for your understanding in advance.

・Last minute cancellation
・Being-lated without previous notice
・Forcing any service
・Not understanding for transgender
・Others, we find inappropriate for our salon.

We would regard a relationship of mutual trust as important for each other.


By car

Kadena Gate 1 about 5min .
Camp Foster about 15min .

Torii Station about 20 min .

Camp Futenma about 30 min 

Camp Kinser about 30 min 
Camp Hansen about 40min 

Camp Camp Schwab an hour 


50 minutes from Naha Airport
10 minutes from Chatan American Village


15 minutes from Okinawa south IC

Okinawa Expressway

There are free pararell parking space in front of our salon.(Seawall)


We apologize for any inconvenience. Please be advised that the parking space at Seawall tends to be crowded frequently.


Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa
Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort Hotel


There is our salon in the place for about five minutes by car from Hilton Hotel.

There is this Hotel 5min from our salon.
This hotel is popular with a surfer and divers, and a long-term stay is possible.


There is a hot spring at this hotel.

Ocean view room is recommended!
There are lot of cafe, restaurant and a bar in the neighborhood.












You are such an amazing woman.
Thank you very much.
My time with you is always wonderful.

You are beautiful and kind.  I love talking to you and listening to the sound of your voice.  You always make me smile from the moment I walk in to hours after I leave.  :-)  You have an incredible touch and always makes my mind and body feel good.



Okinawa Relaxation massage "Mitsugetsu" gives an amazing massage. Professional, relaxing and great atmosphere. I would recommend her to anyone that has sore muscles or just wants to relax. Her hands will knead away the daily stress.

●Reservation only

Non- notification calls disabled

We normally take reservations only by phone.

Call us 30min to an hour before your coming to my place.


 No,credit card

 Cash only (Dollar or Yen)

Please be sure to read

Opening Hours


12:00pm – 19:00 pm

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