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Our relaxation massage will give you so relaxing and it makes you feel fully energized like peaceful ocean. You will get hard and soft pressure treatment with oil. After the massage, you will feel healthy and refreshed.

Our therapist is licensed from Bali, Indonesia. we serve you our original (Oriental and Western ) style of massage which gives you the most comfortable healing and relaxation.

Hearing, Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste. Come into our relaxation salon and enjoy a soothing massage.

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◇Open Hours 12:00~19:00  Reservation only

◆Balinese body massage◆

Based on Balinese traditional massage,We arrange our original course with the materials of okinawa. Slow and strength pressure with hands and fingers along with lympha, our massage guides you a good health and gives you the refreshness.


◆Premium Oil massage Course◆

60minutes ¥10000~ 80minutes ¥13000~ included Foot bath

This course will get back your sexual stamina and energy also improve your body and mind balance. We will help to eliminate the toxins from your body. Together we will find all sorts of ways to benefit your mind and body. We offer you special skills treatment that you have never experienced before.


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